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Satyanarayan Puja for Shanti

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Satyanarayan Puja for Shanti


Satyanarayan Puja for Shanti

The Satyanarayanã Puja is a religious worship of the Hindu god Vishnu. Satya means “truth” and Narayana means, “The highest being” so Satyanarayanã means “The highest being who is an embodiment of Truth”. Vratã or Puja means a religious vow, religious observance, or obligation. Hindus throughout perform Sri Satyanarayanã Vratã for the divine blessings of health, wealth, prosperity, opulence, education; relief from troubles and sickness.

The following is a list of items needed for the puja.

Haldi (Turmeric powder)
Kumkum ( Red vermillion or Sindoor )
Navadhanya ( nine types of grains each representing one of the navagraha ( nine planets ) )
Incense sticks
Sandal paste
A photo framed picture of Lord Satyanarayana
A small idol (or coin) of Lord Satyanarayana (optional)
wheat or jwar (not rice)
Betel leaves (100)
Betel nuts (50)
Coins (40)
Dry Dates/ Almonds (50)
Coconuts (8)
Flowers, Tulasi leaves
Garland and floral garlands
Two jars (Silver, Copper, Brass, or even earthen) – one for Kalash and another for the ritual
Two flat plates

Satyanarayan Puja Mantra

ॐ अपवित्रः पवित्रो वा सर्वावस्थां गतोऽपि वा ।
यः स्मरेत्‌ पुण्डरीकाक्षं स बाह्याभ्यंतरः शुचिः ॥
पुनः पुण्डरीकाक्षं, पुनः पुण्डरीकाक्षं, पुनः पुण्डरीकाक्षं ।
आसन :
निम्न मंत्र से अपने आसन पर उपरोक्त तरह से जल छिड़कें-

ॐ पृथ्वी त्वया घता लोका देवि त्वं विष्णुना धृता ।
त्वं च धारय मां देवि पवित्रं कुरु च आसनम्‌ ॥

ग्रंथि बंधन :
यदि यजमान सपत्नीक बैठ रहे हों तो निम्न मंत्र के पाठ से ग्रंथि बंधन या गठजोड़ा करें-
ॐ यदाबध्नन दाक्षायणा हिरण्य(गुं)शतानीकाय सुमनस्यमानाः ।
तन्म आ बन्धामि शत शारदायायुष्यंजरदष्टियर्थासम्‌ ॥


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